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Austin’s Culinary Delights | Best Restaurants In Austin

Austin is a culinary paradise with an unparalleled dining scene, featuring iconic barbecue joints and acclaimed chefs. The city is a melting pot of culinary creativity, offering farm-to-table feasts celebrating local produce or global fusion fare. Whether you’re a foodie seeking the perfect bite or a curious traveler seeking unique flavors, the best restaurants in Austin are ready to dazzle your senses and redefine your idea of dining perfection. Experience the symphony of flavors and unforgettable meals in Austin, where every bite is a symphony of flavors. Let’s discuss.

Salty Sow in East Austin

Salty Sow in East Austin is an American Gastropub that offers contemporary farmhouse fare. With a commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant serves hand-crafted cocktails and entrees that showcase the region’s flavors. The menu is carefully curated to deliver a farm-to-table dining experience, where each dish is prepared with mindfulness and attention to detail. Located at 1917 Manor Road, Salty Sow provides a welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy delicious food and drinks in a vibrant neighborhood setting.

Bar Chi Sushi in Downtown Austin

Boasting a dynamic menu that includes the freshest ingredients in Central Austin, BarChi has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. Featuring fresh sushi and maki rolls as well as a delicious variety of rare sashimi items, BarChi prepares delicious, cutting-edge Japanese cuisine with competitive pricing and portion size. The sleek, modern interior makes it a swanky standout in the bustling Second Street District, perfect for hosting private parties or a night on the town. The menu hosts an array of Japanese cuisine from signature rolls to fresh sashimi and all the Japanese comfort food in between. Daily happy hour specials and all-day happy hour on Sunday include discounted appetizers, sushi, maki rolls, cocktails, and grilled skewers, making for a satisfying start or finish to any evening.

APT 115 in East Austin

APT 115 in East Austin is a restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. Currently, they are hosting La Bonne Merde, a fancy cheese pop-up led by Chef Ryan Fox. For the next couple of weeks, guests can indulge in a French-inspired, cheese-focused menu featuring delightful dishes such as Cheese Flights, Baked Spicy French Feta with Cured Olives and Pistachios, Mushroom Carpaccio with Challerhocker and Tarragon, and Pure Luck Feta with Roasted Poblanos. Along with their carefully curated wine list, APT 115 provides a cozy atmosphere where guests can enjoy delicious food and discover new flavors.

Juniper in East Austin

Juniper in East Austin is an Italian restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. Inspired by the culinary traditions of Northern Italy and the vibrant flavors of Texas, Juniper focuses on contemporary fare. Located in East Austin, this restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy a memorable meal. With operating hours from 5PM to 10 PM on Sundays through Thursdays, and from 5 PM to 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, Juniper ensures that customers have ample time to savor their delicious offerings. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or a special occasion, Juniper in East Austin is the perfect destination for an exceptional Italian dining experience.

Intero on Ceasar Chavez

Intero on Ceasar Chavez is a restaurant that embodies the essence of genuine and locally sourced Italian cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the core principles of Italian cooking, which prioritize using regionally available ingredients, Intero follows a farm-to-table approach. The name “Intero,” meaning “whole” in Italian, reflects the restaurant’s commitment to utilizing whole local ingredients. By combining traditional Italian techniques and cooking sensibilities, Intero creates innovative yet familiar dishes that showcase the seasonal bounty of Texas-grown and raised produce.

Diner Bar in Downtown Austin

Diner Bar in Downtown Austin is a full-service restaurant and bar, led by Mashama Bailey and Johno Morisano. The menu features seasonal Southern dishes with local Texan influences, including Chicken Fried Quail, Clams and Chorizo with garlic trencher, and an extensive oyster program. The ambiance is mid-century modern, with faded leather booths and a horseshoe bar at the center. Diner Bar offers a unique dining experience in a stylish setting, showcasing Southern-inspired cuisine and region-specific flavors.

Ember Kitchen in the Seaholm District

Ember Kitchen in the Seaholm District offers Austin’s premier Josper oven experience, delighting diners with the art of live-fire cooking and a Latin flare. The menu at Ember Kitchen is a testament to the mastery of this culinary technique, featuring a tantalizing array of dishes cooked to perfection. Guests can indulge in the House Favorites, such as the succulent Josper Halibut, the melt-in-your-mouth Prime Filet Mignon, and the flavorful Salpicon de Pulpo.

Located downstairs from Ember Kitchen, Subterra Agave Bar is a captivating dimly-lit cocktail lounge. It perfectly complements the dining experience, providing a cozy and intimate setting for guests to unwind. The bar specializes in crafting craft Agave cocktails, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of Latin spirits. With a wide selection of Latin spirits to choose from, patrons can explore and discover new and exciting flavors.

Perry’s Steakhouse in Downtown Austin

Perry’s Steakhouse in Downtown Austin is known for its exceptional dining experience, featuring table-side carvings and celebratory touches. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its exceptional service professionals, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Perry’s Steakhouse takes traditional steakhouse dishes to new heights, using prime USDA-aged steaks of exceptional quality, featuring exceptional marbling for the best texture and flavor. The menu offers options like Oscar style, Bacon Marmalade & Bleu, and lobster tail halves, ensuring every detail is carefully considered. Perry’s Steakhouse is a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional steakhouse experience in Downtown Austin.

Eberly on South Lamar

Eberly on South Lamar is a unique establishment that offers dining, drinking, and thinking spaces in a former print shop. It pays homage to Austin’s vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, serving as a gathering place for risk-takers, creative individuals, and liberated thinkers. Austinites founded Eberly to honor the city’s courageous and free-spirited nature, reminding it that Austin is still worth fighting for. The establishment features a captivating dining room with contemporary American cuisine, a study area, a rooftop event space with a downtown view, and the historic Cedar Tavern bar. Eberly on South Lamar is a testament to Austin’s enduring spirit and the importance of fostering community, creativity, and exploration.

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Clay Pit, a contemporary Indian restaurant in downtown Austin

Clay Pit, a contemporary Indian restaurant in downtown Austin, is a nationally acclaimed establishment that offers exceptional Indian cuisine in a sophisticated and elegant setting. The restaurant features a menu showcasing traditional and contemporary Indian dishes, from classics like Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer to innovative creations like the Curried Mussels appetizer. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience that blends the richness of Indian flavors with the charm of Austin’s historical backdrop. Its high-energy atmosphere allows guests to enjoy the vibrant ambiance while indulging in the finest Indian cuisine. Clay Pit is a destination worth exploring for those seeking a memorable dining experience that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

Buenos Aires on East 6th

Buenos Aires on 1201 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States is a family-owned East Austin restaurant focusing on Argentina’s culinary heritage and traditions. Chef Reina guides the menu, which features cherished family recipes made with seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is known for its homemade empanadas, offering a true taste of Argentina’s culinary delights. The restaurant also offers a carefully curated wine selection, showcasing Argentina’s diverse wine regions. The harmonious blend of bitter and sweet flavors inspires the restaurant’s beverage offerings. Located on East 6th Street, Buenos Aires offers a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of Argentina’s culinary heritage.

Quattro Gatti on Congress Avenue

Quattro Gatti on Congress Avenue is an authentic Italian restaurant in a historic 1876 building, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant features sidewalk dining with heating for comfort and a chic neighborhood ambiance, just steps away from the Texas Capital. Patrons can enjoy classic and seasonal cocktails at the cozy old-world bar, along with a robust wine list representing diverse Italian regions. The menu includes delicious pasta, wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood, and meats, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available. Quattro Gatti is committed to crafting homemade bread and pizzas using naturally leavened dough and an ancient fermentation process, enhancing flavor and improving digestibility. The authentic Neapolitan pizzas are baked at 1000 degrees in a wood-fired brick oven. Guests are encouraged to indulge in homemade desserts and gelato for a memorable dining experience.

Second Bar + Kitchen

Second Bar + Kitchen, a popular dining establishment in downtown Austin, has relocated to the East Austin Hotel’s East End neighborhood. The mid-century modern restaurant, led by Executive Chef Gerard Kenny, offers a curated, seasonally driven experience. Diners can enjoy small plates, elevated entrees, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. The bar offers a variety of classic cocktails, a diverse wine program, and local beers. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and late night, Second Bar + Kitchen offers semi-private dining options for events and parties.

Truluck’s Austin Downtown

Truluck’s Austin Downtown is a restaurant located in the Warehouse District, near various attractions and live music venues. The restaurant is known for its commitment to fresh seafood and strives to create memorable dining experiences. The recently reimagined two-level space offers a delightful ambiance, with a second-story wraparound patio providing panoramic views of the city skyline. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the restaurant prides itself on providing a special occasion experience. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, or a special milestone, Truluck’s Austin Downtown ensures every guest feels right at home. The restaurant invites guests to reserve their tables and embark on an exceptional dining journey.

Black’s Barbecue

Black’s Barbecue, established in 1932 in Lockhart, TX, has evolved from a meat market to a restaurant. The second-generation pitmaster, Edgar Black Jr., took pride in serving quality ingredients daily. Despite the early success of Texas barbecue, the Black family remained dedicated to providing exceptional food. Black’s Barbecue now has four locations across Central Texas, offering nostalgic dining rooms and a sense of family and belonging. The company’s success is attributed to its exceptional treatment of customers and staff, as well as their pride in their food. Despite nearly a century in operation, Black’s remains committed to its original business plan, steadfast in their commitment to its roots.

Ten Ten on West 6th Street

Ten Ten on West 6th Street is a culinary destination that takes pride in its menu featuring delectable, shareable dishes. From the freshest sashimi and sushi to the tantalizing flavors of robata, Japanese-style grilled meats and vegetables, Ten Ten offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every palate. The bar complements the dining experience with a comprehensive selection of sake, expertly crafted cocktails inspired by Japanese flavors, and a thoughtfully curated wine and beer list. Situated on the first floor of the beautifully renovated Miller Blueprint building, Ten Ten boasts a dynamic and energetic urban design. The combination of stone and wood fixtures, cozy booths, and intimate lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The ambiance at Ten Ten is welcoming, vibrant, and exudes a sense of freshness that enhances the overall dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a memorable meal or a lively gathering with friends, Ten Ten on West 6th Street is the place to be.

Wu Chow in downtown Austin

Wu Chow in downtown Austin offers authentic, farm-fresh, and modern Chinese cuisine, featuring dishes from all eight styles. The restaurant’s highlight is their Sunday dim sum service, featuring delectable bite-sized delights like dumplings and buns. Located on West 5th Street, Wu Chow combines traditional Chinese flavors with a modern twist, using farm-fresh ingredients for freshness and quality. Whether for lunch, dinner, or a leisurely dim sum brunch, it transports guests to the vibrant streets of China.

Banger’s Sausage House

Banger’s Sausage House offers a blend of vibrant and relaxed atmospheres for great food, drinks, and good company. They specialize in homemade sausages, craft beers, pig roasts, beef jerky, and pickled vegetables, combining them with Americana and country music for an unforgettable experience. The team at Banger’s understands that quality food requires time and effort, and they believe in hospitality. Expect exceptional service and a warm welcome at Banger’s, where they look forward to serving you and providing an enjoyable time.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya on South Lamar

Ramen Tatsu-Ya on South Lamar is a new addition to Austin’s dining scene, offering upscale ramen at four locations. Located near Alamo Drafthouse, the South Lamar location features a trendy interior, outdoor seating, and a variety of ramen bowls. The menu includes renowned favorites like The OG, SHO-YU, and MI-SO-NOT, with pork bone broth and chashu pork, ajitama egg, scallions, and sesame seeds. TSUKEMEN, a dipping ramen with condensed pork bone broth, and MI-SO-HOT offer a spicy twist. Ramen Tatsu-Ya also caters to dietary preferences with plant-based options like OL’ SKOOL, CURRY NU SKOOL, and NU SKOOL.

The Salt Lick BBQ

The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas, is a popular BYOB establishment that offers some of the best BBQ in Austin. The menu includes gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free BBQ options, but the meats are smoked over pecan shells, which may pose a risk for nut allergy sufferers. The BBQ sauce contains soy products and anchovies, while the sides include beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and Peach and Blackberry Cobbler. The Peach and Blackberry Cobbler is a dessert option but contains dairy, eggs, and gluten. For more information, visit their official website.

Dai Due Manor Road Austin TX

Dai Due, established in 2006, aims to redefine and reimagine the concept of “our” food. The restaurant utilises locally available ingredients, allowing them to serve exceptionally fresh dishes. They prioritize sourcing food produced fairly and equitably, supporting local farmers and ranchers dedicated to enhancing our food’s quality. By doing so, Dai Due not only showcases local culinary traditions but also contributes to the sustainability and growth of the regional food ecosystem. For more information about Dai Due and its philosophy, you can visit their official website.



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